Piece is inspired by pattern from bonnets from Jablonica

in the early 20th century.

Earings are very light because of the material used

so it is a good choice for women who don't like heavy earings


Material_coloured leather, embroidered motif with Mulina thread,

oxidised silver chain and studs


Dimensions(h x w)_ whole lenght of earring is 6,7cm,

dimension of leather piece is 3,4 x 3,9 cm




earrings VYSEA 161207

SKU: VYSEA161207
colour of embroidery
  • collection “výšivka“ (eng. embroidery) is inspired by traditional patterns used in Slovakia and this heritage was passed on from one generation to another and was stylized for ages to forms which are well known to us now. I took my inspiration in embroidery from beginning of twenty century, which is preserved in its present form.

    Embroidery is regarded to be the most widespread and most characteristic expression of folk art in Slovakia. It was a very important and decorative part of folk costume. Embroiderers used geometrical ornaments, floral and animal motives. These patterns were stylized and can be easily used also in contemporary art.

    I demonstrate my view as cut outs of some of these patterns from their origins and regrouped into new paradigms. I create new relationships between pattern, jewelry, decoration and person who is wearing particular piece. Its basic meaning is the same - to decorate a person. But decoration changes from embroidery on a sleeve to earings, necklaces, brooches, rings.

    I also changed material to metal and use it as a canvas or as embroidery itself. My interest is to find how these patterns can be used now, in contemporary art, and how can they be wearable by current society with strong reference to our past and strong message of our heritage. I am at the beggining of my research, I am trying to make a collection containing different use of patterns.

    I am also interested to continue to study embroidery from other countries and find influences or some similarities bewteen them.